Streaming: we explain to you what it is, how it works and all its benefits

It's a big trend these days for movies, TV series and music consumers. From live streaming to on-demand streaming we explain everything to you and also summarize the pros and cons.

Streaming is the technology for transmitting multimedia content over the internet without the need for downloading. In practice, videos or audios are stored in the cloud and automatically played back to the user, who does not incur the crime of piracy associated with file downloads. In this way, the contents do not take up space in the memory of the equipment that the user is using to access them, because the internet is the vehicle for that content from its origin to you. We've all heard or are even consumers of Netflix or Spotify, which are pure examples of streaming services, in the case of Netflix for movies and TV series, and Spotify for music. This type of service has made life easier for many of us, satisfying the urgency that the internet has got us used to get everything in a single click and allowing, in a matter of seconds, to be watching any audiovisual content.

Live streaming or streaming on-demand?

You've already heard about these two concepts for sure. These streaming variants only determine whether the content is watched live or not. Live streaming provides live multimedia transmissions, that is, in real time. Streaming on-demand allows the user to access the content at any time, regardless of the timing in which it was first hand broadcast.

Live streaming is, for example, widely used for broadcasting events, videoconferences, classes, webinars and other corporate actions. In these cases it is intended that an audience is following what is being presented and broadcast live. On the other hand, on-demand streaming is more used for user entertainment, who can choose the most favourable time for him to access the desired content.

Streaming Pros and Cons

• It is not necessary to download the content, so it does not force the user to occupy space with that content

• Avoid piracy issues related to file downloads as they are not needed

• It's practical because it's available to access when it's convenient

• The price: for all the benefits it provides, there is usually a price to pay for streaming services.

• Need for internet access: without it streaming just doesn't work

• Bandwidth: for video streaming with stable quality and without interruptions, sufficient bandwidth is required, which means that those who have a slower connection may have problems with video interruptions or bad video quality.

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