Clause 1st - Object
Clause 2nd – Process of Registration and Order
Clause 3rd - Deliveries and Shipping fees
Clause 4th – Payment methods
Clause 5th – Other procedures related to deliveries
Clause 6th - Warranties
Clause 7th – Purchasing resolution
Clause 8th - Treatment and Security of Personal Data
Clause 9th - Other Rights and Responsibilities
Clause 10th - Legislation and jurisdiction

Clause 1st – Object

1.1 These sales conditions applies to the products available for sale in this on-line store by Ésistemas Lda., with headquarters in Rua Companhia dos Caolinos, nº38, Senhora da Hora, Portugal, NIPC PT506504948.

1.2. Ésistemas Lda. may review these conditions of sale, at any time and with immediate effect after their display on the site. The customer is bound by the conditions of sale in force on the date of acceptance of his order and should consult them periodically.

Clause 2nd – Process of Registration and Order

2.1. Registration
To make your purchases through this website, you must register before completing the order and respective payment.

2.2. Order

2.2.1. Choice of Products
In order to facilitate your order, the products presented are grouped by several families. These families are identified in the main menu of the site. By choosing one of these families you will have access to the various subfamilies belonging to the selected family area, as well as the products highlighted.
The products on the site you want to order, should be inserted in the shopping cart, using the "Buy" option. Once in the product sheet, you can also obtain more detailed information about the product, access detailed images, technical information, etc...

2.2.2. Shopping Cart
After you have added to your shopping cart all the products you want to order, you can proceed and complete your order. You should follow these steps:

Step 1 - Check your order;

If you have already logged in, you can proceed to Step 2.
Step 2 - Choose the delivery address;
Step 3 - Choose the payment method;
Step 4 - Confirm the order.

After confirmation of your order you will receive an email response.

2.2.3. Order acceptance
The confirmation of availability of ordered products and acceptance of your order will be made by e-mail based on product availability.
Only with this acceptance by Ésistemas Lda. will be formed the agreement between Ésistemas Lda. and the customer, and of which these sales conditions are part.
Ésistemas Lda. reserves the right to remove or change at any time, any offer or change the price indicated until the formal agreement with the customer.
Ésistemas Lda. cannot be responsible for any errors in the computer systems.

Clause 3rd - Deliveries and Shipping fees

3.1. See conditions in: Clause 5th

3.2. Ésistemas Lda. will make its best efforts to deliver the products and/or services on the scheduled date, but cannot be held responsible in case of delay of any order.

Clause 4th – Payment methods

The available ways of payment are:
a) Previous bank transfer
b) Credit Card: Visa or MasterCard
c) Payment on delivery
d) PayPal

Clause 5th – Other procedures related to deliveries

5.1. Continental Portugal and Islands | Continental Spain and Islands
Deliveries are made by shipping companies (SEUR, DHL, CTT, etc...). The invoice is delivered together with the goods.

5.2. Madeira and Azores
Deliveries may be made by different Transport Operators, in which case the delivery date depends on the logistic availability and specific operating rules of each operator.

5.3. Other locations
Deliveries in these situations should be defined on a case-by-case basis and with consultation and acceptance of the shipping fees by the client.

5.4. The products are properly prepared and packed in the warehouse. However, if you detect any signs of violation of the packaging that pack the goods you should check the goods, and if you detect a lack of material, or damaged material, you should specify describe it on the document you are given to sign (as proof of delivery) and contact us via e-mail to

5.5. The products are delivered to the place of delivery completed when submitting the respective order. The ownership of the products is transferred to the customer with full payment of the respective price and other amounts due. The risk of loss or damage to the products shall pass to the customer upon delivery.

5.6. If the customer refuses to receive the order or does not proceed with the withdrawal intended for him, or is still unavailable to pay the respective price, Ésistemas Lda. may demand reimbursement of expenses and costs incurred, including judicial and extrajudicial costs of its compensation. Ésistemas Lda. may also refuse new orders to the client.

Clause 6th - Warranties

6.1. Ésistemas Lda. ensures compliance of its products according to the law. Technical assistance is provided by our brands.

6.2. In addition to the mandatory warranties determined by law, the products marketed by Ésistemas Lda. also benefit from the other warranty conditions offered by their manufacturers and suppliers.

6.3. We recommend that, in the case of equipment with serial numbers (e.g. video projectors, display's, etc...) write down the serial number of the equipment and keep it with the purchase receipt, because they will be requested in case of future claim under the warranties.

6.4. Ésistemas Lda. is not responsible for damages or accidents resulting from improper use of the products it sells. We recommended you regularly check your equipment and maintain it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Clause 7th – Purchasing resolution

7.1. The customer has a maximum period of 14 days to freely resolve the purchase agreement signed with Ésistemas Lda., provided that for this purpose the products purchased are returned, under the conditions of use in which they were at the delivery.

7.2. For this purpose, you should contact us by e-mail or by phone +351 229 558 456 (Call to the national fixed network). The return of the products, as well as the delivery of their substitutes or the issue of a credit note or refund, will be made in accordance with the legislation in force. You must always return the products in their original packaging, with all accessories and the respective purchase receipt.

7.3. Only the value of the product will be returned, being all possible transport costs for the return of the article(s) the entire responsibility of the customer.

Clause 8th - Treatment and Security of Personal Data

8.1. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the customer or user of the Ésistemas website may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and deletion of their data through the following ways: e-mail or telephone nr. +351 229 558 456 (Call to the national fixed network). 

8.2. The customer authorizes Ésistemas Lda to automatically process the customer's personal data, including all disclosed at the time of registration on the website, for the purposes necessary for contracting with the customer, managing and executing purchases and the respective registrations, access control, including the use of "cookies" technology.

8.3.Ésistemas Lda, through its hosting service provider and the use of encryption technologies, guarantees the protection of its customers' personal data and adequate security when accessing the servers, which are in secure locations with restricted and controlled access.

Clause 9th - Other Rights and Responsibilities

9.1. Username
Each registered customer will choose a username that is unique, personal and non-transferable. The password is chosen by the customer at the time of registration and must be kept secret.

9.2 Transaction Security
The electronic ways of payment available guarantee you a secure payment since all the information transacted is encrypted and the banking movements are ensured by the competent authorities.

9.3. Prices
The prices are presented in euros and include the respective rates and taxes (VAT).
Prices and other descriptions are subject to change without notice, including due to restocking.

9.4. Mistakes in the Contents
Ésistemas Lda. does not assume any responsibility for any errors in the contents of the site and the information provided. Ésistemas Lda. makes all efforts to ensure the accuracy and conformity of the site, reserving the right to freely change the contents of the site, at any time and without prior notice.

9.5. Links
Any person or entity that has a website on the Internet and wishes to place, for its use, a link that sends directly to this website will have to request prior authorization from Ésistemas Lda. It is absolutely forbidden to use any link forwarding to this site and using the framing or in-line linking technique. Ésistemas Lda. reserves the right to demand the elimination of any link, even if authorized.

Clause 10th - Legislation and jurisdiction

Any agreements and documents to which these conditions of sale apply are regulated by Portuguese law. Disputes arising from any agreements or documents to which the present conditions of sale apply will be submitted to the competent courts of Portugal.

After-sales service:

For any matter related to warranties or after-sales support please contact:

Tel: +351 229 558 456 (Call to the national fixed network)
Service Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT)

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