Audiovisual Consulting: a 360º follow-up service

We are your audiovisual partner

Audiovisual consulting allows you to evaluate the project as a whole. It includes:
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Advice about ideal AV solutions based on all the prerequisites made by the customer
  • Planning the Av integration of equipment in the space architecture
  • Execution of the project and installation of AV solutions

This is a 360º follow-up service from the first phase with a very clear objective: to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, exceeding their expectations when’s possible, thanks to a specialized and certified technical know-how.

If you want a customized service with maximum follow-up and advice for your AV project, audiovisual consultancy is the answer you need. We have a multifaceted team from audiovisual project consultants to certified technicians who will accompany you in all phases, whenever you need it. Consult us for more information.

RRP Project Support

The RRP - Recovery and Resilience Plan - is a plan that encompasses a set of reforms and investments aimed at sustained growth in the post-pandemic period and provides for action in three structural dimensions: Resilience; Climate Transition; Digital Transition.

Aware of the investment opportunities in the market, ésistemas makes available, through its AV consulting service, personalized advice on the Resilience dimension, so that all those who seek us can consider and take advantage of this opportunity to modernize and take a step forward in terms of access to the most current technology.

In the Resilience dimension we provide consulting support in the following two components:


a) RRP No. 09/C04-i01 - Wi-Fi coverage in 50 museums, palaces and monuments - Modernization of the technological infrastructure of the cultural equipment network

b) RRP No. 08/C04-i01 - Modernization of cultural equipment network - Purchase of digital cinema projection (DCP) and video, image and technology equipment for public theaters and contemporary art centers


a) RE-C06-i01: Modernization of vocational education and training institutions

       - Digital Technology Center (Digital) - Programming; Web and Graphic Design; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Simulators and Didactic Equipment; Tourism (qualifications that could use digital platforms, such as virtual tours).
       - Computer Technology Center - Programming; Computer Science; Networking and Computer Security; Simulators.
       - STC - Specialized Technological Centers – Modernizing the supply of educational and professional training establishments.

If you would like advice on any of the aspects described, please contact us. Together we modernize the future!

We Install Solutions of:


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