What is SaaS and how does it work?

SaaS means Software as a Service. It is a trend in the business world and guarantees maximum freedom and worry free for the user.

SaaS is nothing more than a software marketing service based on the internet and on a monthly fee model. It is a virtual service that may or may not be networked, and nowadays most SaaS are available from the cloud.

In an increasingly connected world, we are all looking for quick and immediate answers whenever possible. In technology even more so. SaaS transforms products into services, which from the user's point of view is more practical, simpler and faster. And how do you turn products into services? With cloud-based remote access software. Everything happens in real time and without leaving the virtual world. Who has never heard about streaming services, like Paypal or Dropbox? The foundation of these services is SaaS. They are safe and reliable services, but there are more advantages. Check it out below.

Discover all the advantages of SaaS

Reduced initial investment cost: costly IT infrastructures no longer make sense. You just need to be connected to the internet for everything to happen.

You only pay for what you consume: this principle is quite attractive: if you use it, you pay, if you don't, you don't pay. It gives you maximum freedom to use for as long as you really need, which culminates in a totally fair cost/benefit.

Easy access from any device, anywhere: Internet access is now possible actually anywhere. Everything is in the cloud so the most you are required is a login and password. You can also access it from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Automatic updates: you don't have to worry about updates. Everything is already programmed for efficient and automated maintenance. But if any questions still arise, all support can be provided remotely on-time.

Data security: you always have the guarantee that your data is protected and properly kept

Customizable and scalable service: As your business grows, SaaS grows with you. In addition, you can add features to your service so that it becomes more efficient and increasingly customizable to your image.

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