Quality Policy

Conscious of the importance of Quality in management of its business activity, Ésistemas has since 2010 a commitment of trust and transparency common to all its stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, employees to shareholders and also insurance companies and regulatory and certifying entities. 

Ésistemas has a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2015, a system that promotes the strategic development of the company and the superior customer’s satisfaction in the same way.

In order to assert its mission and values and likewise ensure a continuous improvement of its QMS Ésistemas guarantees that:

The products sold and services provided by Ésistemas must guarantee the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders, seeking to exceed their expectations;

Cost reduction is a constant concern with the goal of placing products and services on the market at fair and reasonable prices;

Ésistemas distributers and suppliers must have the opportunity of get a fair profit;

All the employees are free to make suggestions or claims to the administration, who consider these actions for the continuous improvement of the company;

The human resources are qualified and appropriated to its intervention area and every employee salary is also fair and appropriated to the performing related functions;

The teamwork should be promoted in order to get employee motivation and consequent achievement of the objectives set;

The social responsibility is present in every activity’s development by ésistemas that advocates the sustainability of next generations;

The review and improvement of QMS is a priority for our company, being every year object of reflection by the management and through the performance of audits conducted by competent entities.

Porto, October 1st, 2020

Approved by the Administration

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