Control and automation: when the least effort rule makes perfect sense

The control and automation area is vast and allows for multiple applications depending on the context. In theory, and regardless of the sector it refers to, the term "control and automation” refers to the use of technology through control systems that simplify processes or device behavior. Among the audiovisual universe, the meaning is the same but adapted to the equipment used in this sector.
We can use control and automation to command a meeting room or an auditorium and everything could be managed in a touch panel that can also be customized with the customer's image. The first advantage is that control is centralized, thus requiring much less effort from the user. The second is that everything is automated with no need for manual controls and commands. Through control and automation it is even possible to create scenarios so that everything happens with a single click! 

It should also be noted that we can add to the control and automation of audiovisual solutions the management of other equipment installed on-site, such as blinds or air conditioning systems, so that the entire management is integrated and centralized. Yes, because when it comes to saving time in managing audiovisual equipment, the least effort rule makes perfect sense. For us and for customers!

Check out the advantages of controlling and automating your audiovisual equipments:

Cost savings: it is possible to automate equipment so that at strategic times it is on stand-by or completely switched off, thus ensuring a significant reduction in the monthly energy bill.

Time optimization and increased productivity: the time that was spent managing each piece of equipment individually can be better used for another task.

Better equipment management: it is possible to create scenarios that activate different audiovisual equipment, which facilitates the use of technology by the common user. Just click on the desired scenario and everything is operational. All in one click, simply and quickly and without any need for technical knowledge.

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