Audiovisual Projects: a value-added service

We develop customized audiovisual projects and literally in the image brand of each customer. Creativity and exclusivity is a goal and a common denominator in everything we create because we value that each project is unique and reflects the essence of the customer.

At ésistemas we are precursors of technological trends in the audiovisual industry. we closely follow what is best done in this field, we are aware of all the news in the sector and we are proud to have the most advanced and current technological solutions, as well as a multidisciplinary team that makes the difference in the implementation of the most demanding solutions.

In the area of audiovisual projects at ésistemas, everything is thought of in detail. All phases of the projects we take on are faced with the same relevance, sense of responsibility, advice and competence that distinguishes us from others because this is the only way we believe it is possible to make a difference.

The scope of an audiovisual project is defined case by case and always in unison with the customer or business partner. The first step is always a meeting with our team with the aim of surveying everything that the customer has envisioned. Subsequently, there are evaluations of the space and the development of technical drawings for the solution, another crucial phase for the success of the audiovisual project. Everything is assessed and studied in detail. Everything is tested to ensure there is no room for failure. We think of integrated solutions so that everything makes sense and works in complete harmony. All this because we value the sense of commitment and trust that customers place in us and the way we find in giving it back is to offer a professional "turnkey” service and close to the customer, with the goal of always exceeding their expectations.

Our value proposal is to offer differentiation and exclusivity at a competitive price. In the opinion of Vasco Ferreira dos Santos, CEO of Ésistemas, "Our strategy is not to compete to sell at the same relative price, but to create a differentiated value chain that serves our customers". Consulte us.


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