How to choose a microphone for your meeting room?

Hearing and being heard is the main command of any conference. But for that to happen, you should be equipped with devices that provide a good quality of sound capture. Choose the best conference microphones and don't compromise your communication in face-to-face or remote meetings.

From wired microphones to wireless microphones, ceiling microphones to desktop microphones, or even microphone systems for conferences with more or less functionality, there are countless options on the market. But do you know how to choose one? The starting point is always to think about the size of the room, without forgetting the maximum number of people who can participate simultaneously in a conference or videoconference. Next step is to check features and extras that, although for some they seem to be superfluous add-ons, the truth is that for others they are quite useful considering the context of the organization and the identified needs.

Among the available solutions, there are from the simplest plug and play to the most complex installations. However, the basic feature should be the ease of use to avoid creating any type of doubt or embarrassment at the right time, compromising the effectiveness of communication. Check out the various types of microphones that exist below and make an informed decision based on your needs:

Wired microphones: reliability is its main feature. There are countless options for innovative microphones with wide sound pickup that will never let you down.

Wireless Microphones: Wires are always embarrassing. If we can do without them, cables are always expendable. Any wireless solution gives the user more freedom and flexibility, being much more versatile. They can also represent a more economical solution, as they are solutions that are easier to transport between rooms, allowing the microphone in room 1 tomorrow to be in room 2.

Plug and play microphones: plug in the microphone and ready to use. That's right: easy and simple. Users are increasingly looking for plug and play solutions because they are more intuitive and offer quick use, with no configuration or training required.

Multimedia systems for conferences: these systems allow you to combine the function of your microphone with extras that are very useful in conferences. You can add, for example, a simultaneous translation system so that each participant can follow the conference in their own language, or a voting system, among other possibilities.

Custom systems: in this category the sky is the limit. You can configure from colors to extra buttons, type of installation, finishes, etc. You can merge your solution with your space and create a unique and bespoke solution for you with every detail thought to detail.

Where should you install your conference microphone?

No less important than satisfying the identified needs is the combination of microphones with the aesthetics and design of the space. In this aspect, the user has different installation formats at his disposal:

Desktop microphones: There are two possibilities in this category, either the traditional gooseneck microphones or the hands-free microphones with omnidirectional pickup. The gooseneck ones assume the installation of one unit for each person and are the best options for meetings of any size. Normally its gooseneck is flexible and adapts to anyone, ensuring optimal sound capture regardless of their height, as the distance between the user and the microphone is always possible to adjust. The loudspeaker microphones are ideal for small to medium-sized meetings, and it is always advisable to check the technical features of the products, as some offer better performance than others.

Ceiling microphones: these are microphones that ensure considerable coverage and a super clean look in your meeting room. No wires or equipment on the table, making it an almost imperceptible piece of equipment that fulfills its function without us noticing its presence. To achieve a more effective coverage, it is possible to combine the installation of more than one ceiling microphone, depending on the space/estimated number of participants.

Recessed microphones: they enable a fully integrated installation in the living room furniture and you hardly notice them unless they are activated. Elegant and discreet, these microphones are the most requested in executive rooms or boardrooms of company administrations.

Lavalier microphone: This is best used for speakers who need hands free for demos or presentations. Its use is recommended in workshops, auditoriums, or TV studio environments, for example, and for best results it is advisable that the places have good acoustics. It should be positioned between the chest and throat and avoid any obstructions with clothing as this will limit the sound quality.

When technology meets communication, we are talking about innovative systems that allow us to move forward. Our microphone brands provide a step forward for you and your business, a step forward towards success based on efficient communication. Contact us!
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