Smart spaces are more autonomous spaces that integrate current technological solutions and whose use is simplified from a central and / or automatic management perspective.

At ésistemas we work with different control, automation and multimedia systems that are based on the same purpose: to personalize the control of a space according to what is desired. Yes, because anything is possible!

From controlling lighting, air conditioning, blinds or turning audiovisual equipment on and off, the possibilities in this area are multiple. Everything can be programmed for what is intended and equally centralized in a single device, which can also integrate a design worked in the client's image (colors, logos and names of the remote controls are examples of what can be customizable).


Did you know that it is possible to check the occupancy rate of a room to assess whether it is already full? In addition you can also make a room reservation in a few seconds and ensure that you can use it at a certain time. These room management systems avoid not only the overcrowding of occupants but the overlapping of meetings that always generate constraints and which are thus totally avoided.


Because energy efficiency is increasingly a concern today with a view to retaining costs, all the solutions we develop in the field of control and automation are also based on this technical advice. We suggest the standy or even shutdown equipment in a scheduled manner at strategic times, which in itself, and once implemented, will already represent a positive deviation in the monthly energy bill.

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