AV Product Training: when knowledge is synonym of satisfied customers.

Knowledge is the basis of everything. At ésistemas we advocate that technology should be accessible to all. As such, product training is necessary to promote equal access to the same skills and achieve customer satisfaction. That's what moves us.

It is essential to know, it is essential to learn

Solid product knowledge makes all the difference between users who have contact with it. From the point of view of those who sell it, it is crucial to know the line-up of products in the portfolio well in order to be able to demonstrate all the functionalities of the equipment. Within this scope, ésistemas has certified audiovisual consultants in different areas and brands, precisely because we understand thata the training of product is essential to sell it. Our consultants should be the first to surrender to the product. They must be first to find and understand their added value, they must be the first to give credibility to the product in order to make its advantages visible to the customer.

Seen from the customer angle, knowing all the features and functionality of the equipment is often a prerequisite to proceed with the purchase. And this knowledge must be extended to the entire team that will have access, in their day-to-day lives, to the technology acquired and not just to the person who is responsible for the purchase decision. Only then is it possible for the customer to value the equipment, taking full advantage of it. Although many audiovisual solutions are assumed to be user-friendly, users simply do not use all the features that the equipment allows because many of them are unaware. That is why it is extremely important to invest in training at an early stage, which should be immediately after purchase.

+ Training = + Knowledge = + Satisfaction =+ Recognition = + New Deals

Investment training is a guarantee of success. It is a win-win. The customer has access to a clear explanation of the equipment's functions with the inclusion of several practical examples adjusted to his reality, so he will, in the future, make a conscious, adequate and complete use of everything that it enhances. On the reverse side, the result is customer satisfaction as potential promoters of new business. This is the perfect business model: a transparent business model based on the primacy of training and consequent customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers drive new deals.

New Deals

Knowledge takes up no space. We can always find out more... Schedule training sessions with us about your AV equipment provided by ésistemas. Consult us for more information.


  • Greater knowledge about the features of the equipment
  • Greater confidence and efficiency using AV solutions
  • Full use of all product features
  • Satisfied customers
  • Customer recommendation
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