DS as a Service: get the best of technology and communication in a monthly fee

Like other products in the audiovisual universe, Digital Signage can also be a service. The main benefit is to keep you worry-free and ensure that you communicate with your target audience effectively.

If you want to take full advantage of Digital Signage, getting the attention of your target audience, but have no way of managing content, DS as a Service is the solution. Count on ésistemas' advice and benefit of a service that includes everything from installing the ideal digital signage solution to content development and management, as well as free software updates, maintenance, etc. All this in a monthly fee adjusted to your needs.

If you implement a digital signage solution for your business you will be:

• Influencing your customers through the content presented: a well-crafted message has a persuasive effect.

• Increasing sales: it is a fact that advertising leads to sales and digital signage is a great tool to advertise whatever you want, capturing the attention of those passing by.

• Reducing the perception of waiting times: digital signage is not only for persuading but also for entertaining. Thanks to the diversity of information that can be presented and the way you arrange the contents, customers usually think the waiting time is shorter because they are entertained. This is one of Digital Signage's greatest assets: making time passes at a "slower speed” to ensure customer satisfaction.

• Increasing productivity: all the information presented in your display used for digital signage, as long as it is well-crafted and translated into objective and explicit messages, does not need further explanation, therefore helps your target audience to get informed and increase the productivity of your employees in other tasks. Otherwise, they would have to devote more time to clarifying customer doubts.

• Saving money: all contents that are presented in your display used for digital signage, do not need to be produced in another format such as flyers, catalogues, menus, etc., thus helping to reduce activity costs in order to keep the target informed.

Still not convinced? So check now all the advantages of DS as a Service:

• Reliable and secure service

• Effective communication with your target

• No worries about design and content

• Free software updates

• Flexible service with insertion of new contents whenever necessary

Reach out to who really matters. Trust us your digital signage service and we make it happen! 
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