Software designed and developed according to your needs

Exclusive and custom made. This is the software with the ésistemas stamp.

Software is the brain of your computer, your applications or your electronic devices. Software is understood as a sequence of instructions that originate in a logical control, responsible for commanding the operation of something. Any software comes down to a set of orders and rules that are transmitted to the hardware.

Within the Digital Signage universe, the need is the same: to develop instructions that work according to what is intended. In this sense, and because at ésistemas we consider it essential to optimize every detail in order to integrate as much as possible into the reality of each client, the Digital Signage software can also be customized.

We plan and design bespoke software, literally in the image of each client, for a final result full of features and design. Side by side with customers, we first understand their ideas and goals, and then we get to work and create unique and value-added software. But we don't stop there. Once the software is created, we continue with our customers to help them manage Digital Signage content through DS as a Service, a service based on a monthly fee that helps you to achieve effective communication with what really matters.

If you want a software service for a 360º Digital Signage ésistemas has the answer you're looking for. Consult us for bespoke software and Digital Signage account management!

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