Audiovisual Maintenance: Choosing a cat is choosing a fast and effective service

CATs - Technical Assistance Contracts - represent a guarantee that everything will be fine.
Check the options you have and invest in a solution that leaves you free from worries through corrective or preventive action.

Audiovisual Services Contract | A Value-Added Service

Whether due to the complexity of some systems or simply because they are integrated solutions of electronic products, the audiovisual area is volatile and is constantly changing. Why? There are many reasons... We are witnessing an era in which the progress of technology happens almost to the second. Every day there are new products coming out onto the market, all with new features and innovations. We are permanently challenged with new technologies and enticed to buy them. In addition to this, and because more and more equipment requires the installation of software for correct operation, we are also witnessing an endless number of updates that will be needed in countless equipment. And finally, in the case of electronic products, they require careful use according to their purpose, so if the use is inappropriate, it is clear that this will have repercussions on the functionalities of the products, which can thus be compromised.

In order to overcome and avoid these issues, which obviously cause a lot of constraints both to the common user and to different entities, ésistemas has Audiovisual Maintenance services -nominees as Technical Assistance Contracts- to act in a preventive or corrective way. Choosing na Audiovisual Maintenance is choosing a value-added service. A service that leaves you worry-free. And there is no value that pays the guarantee that everything is perfectly working.
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    Ensure the operability of the solutions
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    Avoid replacement costs
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    Extend the life of AV equipment

Technical Assistance Contract | Preventive Maintenance or Corrective Maintenance?

Our services include the creation of control systems with preventive and corrective maintenance, which means, planned or not. It depends on the customer's choice. If the option is to choose preventive maintenance, our technicians plan a schedule for equipment maintenance. In this case, planned and systematic inspections are carried out that allow to closely monitor the behavior of the equipment, to check if there are necessary and available software updates to implement, to check connections, connectivity, etc. The detection of failures and immediate adoption of the necessary corrective measures allows the user to save time (as in failed meetings due to non-functional AV equipment) and money (allows to conserve the equipment for a longer time ensuring its longevity and avoiding its replacement). On the other hand, the option of the Technical Assistance Contract model with Corrective Maintenance also has advantages: immediate intervention is guaranteed when an anomally is detected by the customer in the installed technology. In this case, the customer will be able to purchase a pack of hours that is used according to his needs.

Whatever the Technical Assistance Contract selected, ésistemas provides a detailed report specifying what has been done for maximum transparency and accuracy because we privilege your superior interest and satisfaction.

Extend the life of your equipment

We have technical assistance and equipment maintenance services according to your needs. Consult us for more information.

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