Choose customized audiovisual furniture for harmonious environments equipped with the latest technology

Our value proposition involves the integration of technology into simple, flexible, functional furniture and where design also gets a prominent role.

As an expert in AV solutions, ésistemas intends in each project not only to offer the best of technology but also the best of its integration, for a complete harmony with the other inseparable elements of the space, as is the case, for example, of furniture. If the space is being built, or reformulated, it makes perfect sense that the design of the technological equipment fits in with the furniture in the room so that everything is congruent. But the range of audiovisual equipment that exists on the market is vast, and so is the range of furniture. Because of that it is not always easy to make coincident choices for a balanced design of the complete solution…This is where ésistemas makes the difference. We offer turnkey solutions to guarantee the best possible result in a perfect alliance between technology, furniture and grace.

Thanks to partnerships in the area of furniture dedicated to technological solutions, ésistemas can not only help you find the furniture that best suits your needs and that accommodates the technology you want, but also create custom-made furniture pieces. Quality is a guarantee in everything we do, so by choosing bespoke furniture from ésistemas you are ensuring that it:

Will satisfy the needs for which it was required
Will comply with a design suited to the space and technology that it will integrate
Will be designed and developed with a focus on maximum functionality

We are guided by simplicity, functionality and elegance. These are the main essential lines for different, multifaceted pieces of furniture with integrated state-of-the-art technology. Our project team is available to help you find the best solution. Together we will create the ideal solution for you, fully customized! Consult us.
  • AV and IT integration
  • Furniture and Solution Customization
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