Boardroom: what is it and what technology should it include?

With more or less technology incorporated, a boardroom should enable a fluid and efficient communication between all participants in the meeting, essential for effective decision-making.

The boardroom is the council meeting room or a premium meeting room of an institution, commonly used by members of the company's management. For all the reasons and more, this room must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support the most important decisions, because it is in this place that the great decision makers will gather to debate matters of utmost importance and they often determine the path to be followed by the institution. But after all, what is the fundamental technology for a boardroom? The answer to this question starts with the expression "it depends”. It depends on the functionalities you want and it depends on the needs identified because, as we know, we find different realities in different companies. But one thing is for sure: a boardroom should facilitate communication between everyone, allowing for greater involvement and collaboration from all participants.

How to equip a boardroom?

The base of a boardroom is the same as any meeting room: table and chairs. But as we have already seen, it is the technology that makes all the difference and in this context there are multiple choices to be made. From collaboration solutions, conference solutions, visualization solutions, even audio solutions or systems integration, everything must be thought out in detail according to the company's requirements.

The first step is to assess the size of the room and the total number of people it should accommodate. As a result, the best equipment choices will be made to serve the intended purposes, but for this advice you can count on the multidisciplinary team of ésistemas. Our project team has several years of experience and has even installed some of the boardrooms of renowned companies in Portugal. From the boardroom design stage to the installation of the solutions, our engineers and specialized technicians monitor all developments so that the final result meets the requirements. If you are thinking about creating a boardroom for your company, contact us and get a turnkey solution that includes assessment, advice, selection of the appropriate technology, its integration and even customized furniture. The best boardroom solutions have the ésistemas stamp!

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