Find out which type of video projector is best one for you

From the built-in technology to its resolution, contrast and brightness, there are several crucial aspects to considerer when you are trying to choose a projector. Check the categories that we have defined and pay attention to their features to choose the one that best suits your purposes.

Projection is perhaps the most flexible form of content presentation on the market. There are projectors for all tastes, prices, for all effects and purposes. From the most basic entry-level, to those that deliver the best performance for gaming enthusiasts, or to professional video projectors that guarantee the best image quality for cinema, the offer is so wide and varied that it is almost impossible to choose without professional advice. But we help. Check out the several classes of projectors:

Laser Projetors: its main advantage is savings in terms of operating costs. Instead of the lamp, these projectors use the laser as the light source and offer a versatile projection and excellent image.

Corporate Projetors: they represent a safe investment. Usually projectors that fall into the "business” category offer optimal brightness and a long lamp life.

Professional Projetors: they stand out for their high levels of brightness and professional features. Connectivity, great performance for impact presentations and reduced maintenance costs are some of its main features.

Installation Projetors: designed for the most demanding professional environments, they generally offer 24/7 operation and the latest technological interfaces, not to mention their installation flexibility.

Large Venue Projetors: they are large format projectors. Ideal for large spaces, they are perfect when it comes to an XXL canvas. The excellent resolution and the vivid colors make the image that presents an ex-libris impossible to not appreciate.

Short and ultra short distance Projectors: designed to project content at short distances, these projectors are developed to do what was unthinkable a while ago: to present large, clear images, without losing light and without shadow effects, at minimum distances. They are ideal for spaces where the configuration itself does not allow any other installation than a short-throw one. 

Portable projectors: as the name implies, the main feature of these projectors is their portability. They are also often known as pico projectors or mini projectors, so the weight and dimension set them apart from the rest. They are projectors that provide a satisfactory image considering their compact appearance.

Home Cinema projectors: it is not an exact category. We cannot define its main features because they are directly related to what the user wants. It can be for large or small spaces, the user may have a preference for image quality or portability and, not least, the purpose for which it will be used is also decisive. With more or less professional features, what matters is that it serves the wishes of those who buy it and, for that, we are here to help.

Gaming projetors: the technology they integrate is optimized for the reality of video games with maximum perception, minimum latency, efficient response times, among other relevant features for an immersive experience, making the user feel like an integral part of the game itself!

As you can see, there are several categories and within each one you will find several brands and models of projectors. To help you in this task, you can count on our specialized team. Accept our advice without any commitment and contact us!


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