Crisis Room: A safe harbor with cutting-edge technology to make the best decisions

Control rooms or crisis rooms are spaces generally equipped with the latest technology and are the central pole of a corporate or governmental environment to manage crisis situations. From a crisis room, it must be possible to access all possible and imaginary information, with simple, fast and intuitive access in order to make important decisions.

In crisis situations, the first step is to bring the team together to diagnose the situation and then implement an action plan. And just at this stage the room may already need several resources. We talk right away about the ease of data collaboration between the entire team, and for this purpose, the room should be prepared.Videoconference may also be necessary to establish contact with external collaborators or those who have the need to connect remotely. And of course, any control room is inseparable from the entity's security systems and/or surveillance systems, which provides maximum real-time data connectivity. In addition to this, and not least, a high-performance visualization and audio system may also be pertinent, as well as ergonomic furniture, ensuring the well-being of everyone, since meetings in this type of room are usually long, considering the crisis situation. Finally, confidentiality must always be ensured because it is the key to all crisis situations. The technology installed must guarantee maximum security and reliability so that no confidential information escapes outside the four walls of the crisis room.

With solid experience in the design and implementation of crisis rooms, ésistemas offers a complete service from the study of needs and the ideal solution, advice, to implementation and testing. We guarantee full monitoring from the most elementary stage, so that in the end an integrated, optimized solution is achieved that perfectly serves the purposes for which it was created: control or management of crisis situations.

Better features lead to better productivity. Solve it better and faster. Count on ésistemas' experience and achieve greater agility in decision making with the technology that really matters. Contact us!


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