Flexible and future- proof. This is AV as a Service, a service that brings together everything you need in a single fee to ensure that all equipment is always on and properly updated.

Nowadays, there are several areas that work using the "as-a-Service” model. From infrastructures to service platforms, as well as software or network structures and data clouds that can be purchased using the "as a Service” model, which is the result of technological development. The trend is therefore based on a transformation between everything that is transactional for "as-a-Service” and the market already has a name for it: XaaS is the key word of the moment that brings together all the business models that include "AaS”. It includes IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and, of course, AVaaS (Audiovisual as a Service). These are just a few examples of areas of activity that are fully following the trend that everything can be a service. And in times when a digital transformation is the order of the day issue, opting for an "as-a-Service” model makes perfect sense. The service you want is guaranteed, does not require na huge initial investment and any and all maintenance is ensured. What are you waiting for? Follow the trend and bet on an advantageous business model that I have gained with more and more followers.

AVaaS is the basis for growth based on technological innovation

Audiovisual solutions for the corporate and education markets increasingly contribute to the achievement of the goals of organizations and their teams. Consequently, digital technology will always be decisive for the success of your organization. Betting on digital innovation mainly in basic and support processes will be the key to success. And this is where AV as a Service comes in as your ally, facilitating processes and making your day-to-day more flexible.

AVaaS - AV as a Service: your all-in-one service

The audiovisual area has been playing an increasingly important role among the business world. With the pandemic, there was a boom in demand for AV equipment that allowed everyone to stay connected even remotly. But if it is true that for many this need only came from troubled times it is also true that many were already those who valued a wide network of AV equipment for managing their activity. Basically, whether they are users with a recent connection to the AV or users who have been familiar with these devices for a long time, there is one point in common that everyone shares: they do not waste time with connectivity problems, cables or equipment that do not work due to lack of maintenance, necessary upgrades, among countless situations that result in scheduled meetings that do not happen and the consequent loss of time and high equipment repair costs.

AV as a Service is the solution to all of this. It is your guarantee that you have the most up-to-date equipment for what you need, always functional and with updated software, avoiding several constraints that only make you waste your valuable time. And that gives you tremendous flexibility.

AVaaS AV as a Service: Check all the Benefits

• Access to cutting-edge technology: guarantee of using the best technology available on the market for the intended purpose.

Regular software updates: whenever an upgrade is available, it is installed on the customer's equipment.

• Hardware maintenance: preventive maintenance service for equipment included.

Reduced initial investment: does not require the purchase of equipment. It is a much more economical solution as many of the quality AV products are expensive and naturally associated with a large initial investment. The option of AV as a service allows you to associate a fixed amount per month that gives you access to the services you want.

Customized and flexible service: everything is adapted to the customer's reality. It only includes technology that is in fact relevant to your reality.

All-in-one service: with a monthly fee you can get everything you want with access to all the technology relevant to your business.

Now that you know all the benefits of AV as Service you should be wondering how to implement it. Do you want to know more details? We will be happy to help you with your digital transformation. Consult us for more information.

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