Multimedia Kiosks: the era of self-service and resource savings

Among different types and various benefits, there is a common denominator in practically all multimedia kiosks: the fact that they grant greater autonomy to the user. They make everyday life easier and save time and money. Kiosks are increasingly trending and multiplying in the most disparate sectors because they are in fact very useful.

Nowadays, the presence of kiosks associated with multimedia communication is notorious and we can find them literally all over the place: on the streets, in supermarkets, shopping malls, in pharmacies and clinics, public transports, car parks, companies, in short, in a no number of places, because in fact they are already part of our daily lives. They came to stay and to make everyone's day-to-day easier! Who has never come across a ticket-dispensing kiosk for managing queues? Or with a digital mupi in the city streets or at public transport stations? Or with an automatic payment kiosk in a car park, for example? As you can see, kiosks are very present in our daily lives.

Ésistemas quickly realized the progression of digital kiosks and their positive impact in the people’s lives and companies. With the goal of actively contributing to the simplification of routine processes, granting, in many cases, full autonomy to the user, ésistemas created the EKOOS brand, dedicated exclusively to the digital kiosks market.

EKOOS is a brand that stands out for the creation, development and manufacture of customized solutions, combining a technical efficiency background with a high quality of reliable materials and processes that result in excellent products and the best integrated solutions. EKOOS offer cohesive, high-end products, envisioning pioneering strategies and embracing ambitious challenges.Its mission is to optimize the user experience, the ergonomics and the effective features of the products, producing user-friendly solutions that equally privilege design, thus creating innovative, useful products that meet the needs and vision of the consumer. More information at

Do you know what kinds of multimedia kiosks you have at your disposal?

To select a multimedia kiosk, think about its function first. This way, it will be easier to choose the typology that best suits your use. Furthermore, it is also important to define whether its applicability will be for indoor or outdoor because certifications are different for installation between these two scenarios (resistance to water, dust, temperature, etc.). Now take a look at the types of multimedia kiosks we have to offer you:

Interactive table: a solution that requires user interaction. Ideal for shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, but also for corporate environments

Transactional: the perfect choice for self-service payment management. From trade to car parks, its applicability is vast and the benefit for the user is more than known: reduction of waiting times

Queue management kiosk: its main function is to print tickets to manage customer service

Digital mupi: the best solution to promote advertising messages

Digital Signage Kiosks: ideal for presenting diverse contents.

What are the benefits of multimedia kiosks?

• They enable customer interactivity
• They guarantee quickly  payment management 
• They promote increased sales volume with cross selling and upselling
• They offer quick use on a self-service basis
• They are practical and intuitive because they include user-friendly software
• They enable better management of waiting times
• They save human resources that would be needed for the same functions
• They promote a significant cost reduction
• They are maintenance free

If you are interested in finding out more about multimedia kiosks or want advice on selecting a solution for you, please contact us!


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