Do you know what DOOH is? Discover the concept and boost your campaigns

DOOH comes from OOH and both are based on Out-of-Home communication. These are intimate terms of marketing and advertising, but there's no doubt about who wins when measuring strength. Thanks to its digital component with persuasive super powers, it is DOOH that usually wins.

Much associated for trade purposes the term DOOH stands for Digital-Out-of-Home and refers to all the digital advertisements we see daily in public places. From public transport stations to central locations in cities or shopping malls, we are all used to seeing dynamic advertisements on billboards, digital kiosks or even interactive tables, which denotes a growing investment in this type of solutions.And the reason why this happens is related to more effective results resulting from the contents presented in these digital tools. 

We cannot deny the evidence that any digital content captures more attention than any other advertised in a static form. From dynamic colors to the movement of content that these digital media offer, everything is conducive to achieving the main goal: sell.And this can only be achieved if people are interested in the content presented. This is where DOOH makes the difference and is considered a safe bet by the brands or institutions that invest in it. It is no coincidence that investment values are different when comparing DOOH advertising and static advertising. In fact, the cost/benefit makes it so because it is a communication resource and an effective marketing tool.

What is the difference between DOOH and OOH?

Both terms refer to outdoor communication. In the case of DOOH and as explained above, the acronym stands for Digital-Out-of-Home, that is, digital communication abroad. The OOH (Out-of-Home) follows the same principle, but without the digital component, which is why it is a concept prior to DOOH. In truth, DOOH represents an evolution of OOH in reflection of technological evolution. If previously only communicated abroad practically through outdoor and static billboards, now, technology advances allow more dynamism, more interactivity, easier data updating and easier purchase in advertising campaigns, giving birth to DOOH.

Discover the benefits of DOOH

• Dynamic communication
• Possibility of remote update at any time
• High persuasion potential
• High rate of positive results
• Possibility of dissemination of campaigns in different formats
• Possibility of user interaction

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